Boshra Writes

Boshra Writes

Literally Now Ruz means “new day” in Persian. It is the annual  Persian New Year, celebrated usually on March 20th.

Its history dates back to Zoroastrianism, a religion that revered the sun and fire.  Zarathustra, the prophet of Zoroastrianism, suggested that the new year be celebrated with grand feasts, music and dance. People wear their newest clothes, exchange gifts and clean their homes to prepare for the new year.

Now Ruz is a time of renewal and happiness. The triumph of the spring over the winter; the promise that light will win over darkness.

And so, Now Ruz became an annual tradition in Persia, a time when we set aside our differences, shun the darkness inside of us, and turn to the light.

If you’ve been following the news you know that in Iran there have been terrible injustices heaped on the Iranian people by the current regime. This is not how nature works, darkness will never continue to prevail. 

In honor of spring, and the promise of better days, here is a poem:


Amidst the darkness and disrepair,

The triumph of light shines everywhere.

Evil cowers in the shadows, yellow and fevered,

A sign of nothing but a disbeliever.

The forces of evil tremble and quiver,

As the light reveals their wickedness with a shiver.

Nothing like our previous King Jamshid,

The politicians’ faces darkened with each evil deed.

The victory of light over evil is sweet,

And the world rejoices in its defeat.

For the light brings hope and peace,

And the darkness is forced to cease.

So let us celebrate the triumph of light,

And let our lives be filled with all that is bright.

For in its brilliance, we find a path to truth,

And let the light shine and soothe.