Dystopian Thoughts

Our belly buttons are our first scar. Today I had a small surgery on my belly button. Usually, I am nonchalant about scalpels, needles, and doctors, but this time there was a primordial, nervy fear around having someone carve my original connection to my mother. As I was waiting in the room, I was reading […]

The Sacred Feminine

There is something deeply sustaining about the female spirit. Some call it the sacred feminine. Some call it the Virgin Mary. Some call it Mother Nature. Whatever you call it, it is divine; it is of the tapestry that holds the universe together and births new thoughts, creations, planets.  What makes me say this, you […]

Ambiguous Achievements

“It’s funny how all the runners and triathletes who follow me on social media have used the word achievement or a variant of it, to describe their support that I have a forthcoming novel.” I turned toward my partner and commented as we walked outside in the less oppressive heat of Qatar in winter, yesterday. […]

A Writer’s Winter Solstice

It was during what must have been the tenth time playing Uno ( in the middle of another COVID lockdown)  with my nine year old daughter, that my mother called. If you are familiar with Persian mothers you’ll know that my first thoughts — even as a 40 year old woman, were: What have I […]

The Giving Tree

“Once there was a tree and she loved a little boy and every day the boy would come and would gather her leaves and make them into crowns and play king of the forest.”  Those words were the beginning of my demise today while substituting for a class. I started reading and maybe it was […]

An Offering

Sometimes I think about why we are put in whatever precarious positions we find ourselves in. Why was I put in the body that I’m in? Why was I able to get a COVID vaccine, while others haven’t?  Who is the puppet-master behind the scenes this time, offering this drug or that salvation; this muse […]

Greedy Seconds

I feel as if I am going for seconds. Does that make me glutinous? Anxious to have another piece of the prodigal pie. To draw you in with sugar and cream. To fatten you up with words; fill your mouth and mind with things that shouldn’t be recklessly tampered with. I read that Maya Angelou […]

The Beginning

So, the beginning. Everything has one. Even the tiniest ones. How should I start? My web page designer said I need to figure out who would follow me? What is my niche audience? He mentioned something about Charles Bukowski. About how it wasn’t only his words. It was him. It’s what he signified. I am […]